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Using the Public Domain to Make Money

If you use information from the public domain correctly you can take ‘out of copyright’  books, films etc. and use them in your business to produce new works and sell them for a profit either offline or online What products can be ‘in’ the public domain? Most people think of books, however, out of copyright can also apply […]


Veryifying What Is In The Public Domain

Veryifying What Is In The Public Domain It is of critical importance to verify the work you are thinking of using is in the Public Domain otherwise you will end up in all sorts of  “copyright” trouble. Copyright law is different in different countries but as the USA  law is relatively easy to understand and the USA […]


Works In The Public Domain

Works that are in the public domain include generic information such as work donated by authors directly into the public domain, document titles and names, facts, numbers and even words that you create, unless trademark protected to represent your brand are part of the public domain. Other material that ends up in the public domain […]