Veryifying What Is In The Public Domain

Veryifying What Is In The Public Domain

It is of critical importance to verify the work you are thinking of using is in the Public Domain otherwise you will end up in all sorts of  “copyright” trouble. Copyright law is different in different countries but as the USA  law is relatively easy to understand and the USA will probably be your biggest market I will concentrate on publications from the USA. You can of course take these publications, republish them and sell them anywhere.

The easiest dates to work to are :

Published before 1923 – In the Public Domain

Published in The USA between 1923 and 1963 and never had its copyright renewed – In the Public Domain 

Now there are other dates and criteria but it gets a little complicated but if you really want to dig deeper into the dates you will find more information here –

So now that you know and have verified  what public domain is, how can you begin to dig through the archives and content databases to find high quality public domain that you can repackage and resell? I will cover this in my next article.

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